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Maryland Photo Video Best Photos of 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is here. We took a lot of great photos over the 2013 year. Below is a top ten list of some of the photos that we felt put us over the top! Enjoy our best photos from this past year. It has been a great year and we are really looking forward to 2014.

Here they are!!!

10. DAH_0331


9. Silverman


8. Jenna and Ricky ENG - Cam 2 - 00025


7. Franklin_Garfinkle - Rec - Cam 1 -00057


6. Ginsberg Mitzvah - Cam 2 - 00039


5. 1468683_552728668134940_1793833849_n


4. Dahne Wedding


3. Jacob Cohen 1st birthday shoot - 00023


2. Boy on ship


1.  Davidson Mitzvah Bima Portraits - 00182 copy copy copy



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Maryland Photo Video – Website Updates and Alterations

We would like to again let everyone know that we are still in the process of updating and altering our website. We apologize if you experience any inconvenience when browsing. Over the course of the next several weeks some of our website links and pages may not work properly. Please note that we are working very hard to insure a seamless and effective browsing experience. If you are having trouble finding certain information or have further questions please feel free to email us at


We thank you for your support and understanding.


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