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The new Maryland Photo is here!!!

We are so excited to announce that our brand new site is here. Rich new features are available and in the coming months more will be added.
Thank you to all of our industry friends and clients for your thoughts and feedback as we worked very hard to bring you a site geared towards mobile optimization, user friendly expierence and much more…

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

From Evan Dahne CEO & Josh Barry COO
Maryland Photo Video

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Busy weekend for Maryland Photo Video

Well we are back at it once again!!! The annual Casey Cares Rock and Roll Bash!!!

Mitzvah time for two amazing families and a Bride and Groom who you just fall in love with!!!

Can wait for today and tomorrow!!!

Photos, Photos and more Photos to come following these events!!!

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Maryland Photo Video gets a facelift!!!

We are very excited to announce that our website has a new look!!! It is not much different from our old site but there are some subtle changes. Also, over the next several weeks you will notice some additional changes. If you have any suggestions for us please email us at with a subject website update.

Some of the new features:

1.We have made our site easier to read and interact with!!!

2. We built a brand new banner slider which will allow any new photos posted to our site to be visible there.

3. We now have a official call button at the top right hand corner. From any smart device you can call us directly!!!

4. We have introduced a new and improved mobile friendly version of the site as well.

5. This site compliments our new gallery page which was launched earlier this year!!!

6. Our page load times have been increased by 3x the old site!!!

These are just a few of the new features that have been built into our new look. We hope you love them just as much as we do.

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