FAQ Continued


•How long does a project remain on our system?

A projects life-span can vary. Due to the increased file sizes of High Definition media, we cannot retain event videos indefinitely. A project life-span is determined by the specific contract requests of each individual client. A proof digital video file, is used to view your event video and let us know if there are any technical adjustments that need to be made. Non-technical adjustments and or stylistic changes can be made at our studio rate of $75 per half hour. Client shall view the completed Video when received, within 48hrs of delivery and advise Producer of any Technical Adjustments required. Additional viewing time needed is at the producer’s sole discretion. If client does not contact the Producer within 48 hours of receipt of the completed video, the event project shall be deemed accepted as received by client with all claims waived.

•How long does it take to receive the finished product?

12 weeks is the industry standard time to receive your online proof photos and or proof video. Depending on seasonal workload this time could increase or decrease.

•How will we be dressed at the event?

We dress professionally based on the event, suit or tuxedo, etc. We are always professional and will blend in; we are discreet and unobtrusive.

•Reservation Fee, Agreement Fee, Payments and Cancellation

Please click on this link to view our Reservation Fee Agreement Fee, Payments and Cancelation Policy.

•Payment Options?

Maryland Photo Video accepts All Major Credit Cards on the reservation fee, contract fee and final payment.

Credit Card Authorization Form

Payment Terms for Corporate events and projects

If the event and or projects total balance is less than $800.00 full payment is due at the time of signing of contract or receiving of invoice.

If total contract and or invoice exceeds $800.00, 1/2 is due at the time of signing and 2/3 must be paid in by the event date. The final 1/3 is due when the project proof photos, video is complete.

Payment Security?

Northside Productions, LLC and its affiliate companies and subsidiaries consider your personnel credit card information to be of extreme value. We employ high levels of security to ensure that your information is cared for properly and safety once received. All files containing our Credit Card Authorization form are password protected and store on our secure system. We are fully certified by Authorize.net as an accepted merchant. Our seal is shown on our site. We are also PCI compliant as shown by our friends at Trust Wave.

•Pricing for Services

Maryland Photo Video is always at the forefront of the industry, with new and exciting ways to retell the story of your special events. Our pricing structure is consistent with industry standards and in some cases below. The flat rate pricing for our services has an initial discount present and in some cases we will apply additional discounts, based on time of year, total balance of a clients contract(s) act… If you have further questions please contact one of our associates for further information. We apply a 10% discount to video services, for all clients who purchase both photo and video from us for one day of service. Multiple days of service discounts are at the discretion of your sales associate. The 10% discount only applies to full packages purchases. Al a carte packages are not subject to discount and additional options added to packages may or may not be subject to discount.

•Discount of service policy

In the event of a discount of service, past the standard 15% for booking both services or any discount is giving on one service,  the immediate change of payment policy is as follows: The use of a credit card is limited to qualified cards only. Client is restricted to the use of non rewards based credit cards.

Non Qualified Credit Card Examples: Chase Freedom Visa, Sony Card from Capital One ect… Please visit your credit card bank or institution to find out if your card qualifies. If a Non Qualified card is used a convince fee may be assessed to your contract. The convince fee is only assessed during a discounted contract of service with the use of a non qualified credit card.

•Quality Assessment Form?

Tell us what you think? We want to know how our staff ranks among the best in the industry. QAS Form

•Maryland Photo Video Form Page

We have made all of our important event forms available online for you the client. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us.Please click below to enter our form page.

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