Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our staff and services is in our faq. Why should you choose us, the knowledge of our staff, do we shoot in HD, these are all things you will find right here.

•Why should you decide on using our services?

Maryland Photo Video is the number one choice for all your Wedding, Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Corporate photography and videography needs. We have been in business for over 10 years serving Baltimore Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Harrisburg Pennsylvania areas with outstanding wedding, bar & bat mitzvah and corporate videography. We can truly offer our clients a creative and unique video-photo package that is competitive in today’s economy. The areas top event professionals recommend Maryland Photo Video, from party planners to entertainment companies and other renowned photography and videography companies.

•How knowledgeable is the staff?

We work with very talented, creative and customer oriented individuals. When you contract with Maryland Photo Video, you can be sure that you are receiving the best the industry has to offer. Our staff has a minimum of 5 years experience in the social event industry. Every year we require our team to attend conventions, and seminars to help increase their knowledge of the industry.

•Are we insured in the State of Maryland?

Yes. Northside Productions,LLC and its companies are fully insured in the State of Maryland. We have full liability insurance and are compliant with all the regulations set forth by Maryland the State.

•Do we charge sales tax?

Yes. In the state of Maryland we are required to charge 6% tax.

•Who will be the videographer or photographer?

When both parties execute a contract you are then assigned a videographer or photographer. You may request an associate; however there may-be additional fees incurred.

•Do you shoot in HD?

Yes we do record your events with industry leading high definition equipment. At the present time we initially finalize your event to he digital file format for mobile and smart devices.

•Apple TV Setup Instructions

The Apple TV is a great way to view your wedding, bar and or bat mitzvah video. You can stream the video directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod devices or directly from iTunes on either a mac or pc computer through iTunes. Instructions for setup are below.

Apple TV Setup

iTunes Instructions and troubleshooting

Airplay Instructions

•Who are your preferred vendors?

We do not have a preferred list. We work with all vendors. To view or Wedding Resource List. Click Here

•Do we provide a written agreement?

Yes. A agreement must be executed by both parties for services to be rendered. Agreement terms are subject to change and are therefor not listed on our website. Please consult your agent for a copy. Link to view our full agreement. Agreement Terms

•Agreed upon hours of service?

Our package pricing is based on hours of coverage and the receiving of our wonderful album design services and printing. Our policy for hours of coverage is as follows, your total package time can be used for both your bimah portrait session or engagement session and your reception. The only stipulation is that the hours have to be used consecutive on the day of coverage. A service charge of $325 will be assessed if coverage time needs to be split up in one day. If a client needs more than 9 hour of coverage in one day a full day service fee will be assessed.

•Definition of Technical Adjustments

Mispelled words or dates, audio drop outs, and video glitches

Downloadable forms: Photo Album Adjustment Form

•National and International Video Formats

Maryland Photo Video is capable of formatting your social event video for NTSC and Pal at this time. SECAM Standard is not currently available. Please see the information below for more details.

Video Formats

•Photography album policies and procedures?

Maryland Photo Video’s highly trained staff of editors and album designers are the best in business. Most of our photography packages come standard with a signature album design. Our new policy states that we will provide you with a predesigned photography album. After you receive your predesigned album, you are required to make changes with in 30 days from receipt of this proof copy of your album. If you require additional time to make alterations to your album please consult with your associate for more details. Once your 30 day period has been reached we will automatically print the album as is. If alterations are required and given within the 30 days we will make all of the alterations at no additional charge. Any additional photos that need to be added too additional spreads are at an additional cost. All albums produced through and by Maryland Photo Video and its Album print company PictoBooks will carry a lifetime warranty. To be eligible for the warranty, your album must carry both the Maryland Photo Video Logo and Pictobooks Logo imprint or etch, on the inside cover of the back of the album. Any repairs or replacements that are not deemed a manufactures defect will incur a replacement or repair charge. Listed below are a few possible warranty scenarios.

List of Warranty Scenarios:

Page print material (in the event that your album looses its color)

Spread Warping, Binding separation, Cover rip due to wrapping defect, Cameo Separation (No cameo will warrantied unless deemed manufacture defect)

Any Cover Leather or Faux Leather Replacement will be assessed on a individual basis and if deemed a manufactures defect will replaced or repaired at no charge.

•Instructions for finalizing your album?

New information coming soon

•Copyright Information

The copyright for all photographs and videos produced by Photographer are reserved exclusively to Photographer. For the fees hereunder Client is granted a license for its personal use of such photographs and videos. Reproducing or further electronic distribution of the photographs and videos is prohibited without Photographer’s consent, which consent may be subject to the payment of fees determined by Photographer. Photographer agrees that it will not use any of the Photographs or video records created in connection herewith for any purpose without Client’s prior consent.

Fees for commercial use are based upon the type of use, length of media being used, where the media is being used and length of time media is being used. Client may not seek out another photographer or industry professional which is not limited to, graphic designer, wedding photographer, video editor, etc. for the ability to produce an album. If client so chooses to produce their own album, they may do so through the following approved vendors.

See Information Links Below:

Personal Use Agreement

Commercial Use Agreement